Barrow Upon Trent Parish Council

Serving the people of Barrow Upon Trent

Clerk: Alison Hicklin
Field House Farm, Snelsmoor
Lane, Chellaston, Derbyshire
DE73 6TQ

Tel: 01332 700142

Who we are & what we do


Parish meetings were initially known as 'the Vestry' these meetings were replaced by the formation of Parish Councils.

In the early years the Rector was chairman and members consisted of local farmers. It was much later the council became more representative of the village and much of the business discussed then is familiar today, inadequate bus service, increased traffic, village benchs, trees, community park & Greenacres lagoon The Parish COttages. We are very proud of our village history and work towards maintaining that while moving forward on current issues.

What we do today

The council meet on the First Tuesday of every month at 7-00pm in the Village Hall on Twyford Road. Notice of the meeting and agenda are placed in the notice boards in the village and on the website. Members of the public are welcome to attend and raise issues or concerns in the Public Participation section of the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting is held May.

There are six members of the council, each member is a volunteer officer for outside bodies relevant to current issues.

  • Sand & Gravel
  • Donington Park Race Track Liaison Forum
  • Website
  • Footpaths
  • Planning Applications.
  • Safer Neighbourhood Meetings.
  • Infinity Garden Village Meetings
  • Greenacres Management

In all of these we aim to consider and comment as appropriate on all matters and report back to the council (see section links below for additional detail).

In addition to the normal Parish Council powers and duties, Barrow upon Trent Parish Council is responsible for the following:

  • The Parish News. The Council prepares, publishes and arranges delivery of the Parish News. This contains a report of the Council meetings, Church and School information and details of forthcoming events. There are 6 issues per year and the magazine is distributed free of charge to every household in the parish.
  • A row of 10 cottages, which are listed buildings.
  • A Cemetery
  • Six allotments
  • Greenacres Lagoon
  • The Susie Dixon Memorial Park
  • The War Memorial


Our Staff

As a small Parish Council we are supported by an appointed Parish Clerk and utilise the Village Hall for all meetings. The clerk can be contacted using the contact details found on this website, by phone or email. If you have a problem to report, this can also be done online.

Parish Clerk

01332 700142
07825 702046