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Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Please visit the new page for information about the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and how it could affect the Parish. This can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the website or by the links in this post.

Barrow Singers

The Barrow Singers

The Barrow Singers were formed in September 1992 to provide local people with the opportunity to sing and rehearse together for pleasure.  Its membership has grown during that period from fifteen to forty – five. Members were originally all from Barrow where the group rehearse each week, but now come from all over South Derbyshire and surrounding areas, and their ages range from mid-teens to youthful eighties!

Since the group’s inception, we have performed at many local weddings and at all the local church’s main festivals. We have held concerts and entertained groups at various different venues in South Derbyshire and Staffordshire and have raised many thousands of pounds for local and National Charities.

The Barrow Singers lay particular emphasis upon the enjoyment of singing and upon the opportunity to mix together as a group. There is no entrance audition, no age limit and no salaries.  Everybody is encouraged to offer what they can to the group and new members will always find a warm welcome.  The only requirement is that that they wish to enjoy themselves. The type of music we sing varies across the complete spectrum from classical to spiritual, film, jazz, folk and pop.
We always have room for new members. All are welcome, and we invite any who have always wanted to sing, but perhaps not had the opportunity, to join us for rehearsals on Monday evenings, in the Barrow village hall, from 7.00 – 8.30pm.
If you would like more information please phone Jill on 01332 690680, Judith on 01332 862326 or Anne on 01332 703915

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