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Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Please visit the new page for information about the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and how it could affect the Parish. This can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the website or by the links in this post.

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About Brookfield


Barrow Club started life as a Discharged and Demobilised Soldiers and Sailors Club after the first world war as a social club for ex service men. It was sited in the stable block belonging to the Hall, at the end of what is now Club Lane. The upper room was used for concerts, dances and meetings. The management bought the large house known as the Cottage in the village and moved there in 1946, where the Club has served the community as an oasis. A watering hole for the weary worker. A place to spend an hour or two with friends. A place to make new friends. A place of momentary escape.

That was the ‘Forties’ to the ‘Noughties’. Now the ‘Teenies’ are upon us and nothing has changed. Or has it ? Well, it has, and it hasn’t. Gone is the smokey atmosphere. Gone is the dodgy pint, and gone is the Barrow Club. Brookfield as it has been rechristened is now the village pub. We aim to embrace the positive aspects of the pub, club, wine bar and venue, whilst turning our backs on the negative.

Brookfield Today

As an independent free house we have a distinct advantage, and with time and your support Brookfield will flourish. As a not-for-profit organisation any profit made is duly ploughed straight back in the system to improve your facility. And it is yours.

Our newly rejuvenated committee intend to embrace the philosophy of our chairman Keith Fallows who sadly passed away in 2009. Intent on following in his footsteps we are dedicated to ensuring that the requirements of it’s clientele are met wherever possible. But to ensure success we need but two essential ingredients. Namely, the support of our clientele and their requirements…simple!So, “what’s on offer ?” you cry. Well, if you have yet to set foot into the Brookfield, then I should warn you it’s a bit 1984. Not so much the feeling of being watched, but the décor. This is an area that is currently being addressed. On the positive side the bar is immaculately and efficiently run by our new steward Andy. Andy has proved to be multi-talented and very good at what he does, which is reflected in the quality of beer and service. We are all looking to the future, as plans are in place to completely remodel the bar area and drag it screaming into the present decade.

Apart from the large selection of beers, wines, spirits and a constant supply of new real ales to tempt you, we offer tea, coffee and an interesting array of snacks. Ultimately we aim to be in a position to offer food. So don’t be surprised if you hear the words “Oh, I can’t be bothered to cook, let’s eat at the Brookfield tonight” sometime in the near future.

In addition to the highly popular Quiz and Fish ‘n’ Chip supper held every last Friday of the month we offer regular entertainment with an emphasis on the ‘live’. Our gigs will prove eclectic to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Or, if DIY is your thing then perhaps one of our ‘Open Mic Nights’ can tempt you. I was astounded at the talent in this village. If you’re unsure whether the spoons or yodelling are suitable then I’m here to reassure you. A relatively new addition to the Brookfield armoury is the Disco & Karaoke. Everyone likes a bit of a boogie and who doesn’t fancy themselves as a budding Sinatra, Presley or Formby ? Regular music & karaoke nights are all in the runes.

On a sporty note, we have Sky showing Football and other popular sports on our large screen TV. For the slightly more energetic we are now into our second Poker tournament which culminates with a big prize final in London. Poker night is Wednesday night at 8pm. Rest assured, the old staples are still thriving at Brookfield. For the the real sports fans we have active darts, dominoes and pool teams with free pool on Friday nights and Bingo every Sunday and most Saturdays from 9pm. If you fancy a light flutter there’s a weekly meat raffle and the bonus ball.

A large function room and private meeting rooms are available by prior arrangement to any groups that can make use of them at no charge during opening hours. A catering service is also available for buffets to complete your event. For further details contact Andy.

So, if you’ve not ventured into the Brookfield for a while, why not tear yourself away from the TV for an hour one evening and get reacquainted. If you have yet to explore the delights of Barrow’s premier licensed establishment, what are you waiting for? There’s a welcome awaiting you and yours.

Open daily 5.30pm to Midnight Monday to Friday & Noon to Midnight Saturdays & Sundays.
Contact Andy on 700128 for further details.