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Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Please visit the new page for information about the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and how it could affect the Parish. This can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the website or by the links in this post.

Clothing in School

The school colour is navy blue. Below is a list of items which we recommend as school uniform. Some items can be purchased through the school, but alternatives in the same colours can be worn which provide the practicality and smartness required.

  • Trousers for boys and girls (grey, black or navy blue)
  • Shorts for boys (grey, black or navy blue)
  • Skirt for girls (grey, black or navy blue)
  • Summer school dress (or skirt and matching top equivalent) for girls (blue or red)
  • Polo shirt (red or white)*
  • Sweatshirt or cardigan (navy blue)*

PE Kit

  • Black plimsolls
  • Outdoor trainers
  • T-shirt (white or red)*
  • Shorts (black or navy blue)*
  • Outdoor kit for winter months to include navy or black jogging bottoms and top
  • Spare socks for children wearing tights to school
  • A band for long hair to be tied back

Items marked with * can be purchased via the school office if preferred.

All items of school uniform should be clearly marked with the name of the child.

Please note that in the interests of hygiene, children need a different t-shirt from normal school wear for PE. All children need PE shoes, but please monitor your child’s PE shoe fitting as shoes can become uncomfortable for children whose feet grow quickly. PE kits should normally stay in school throughout the week, but be taken home regularly, and at least every holiday for a freshen-up! Please note that if your child does not have their PE kit in school, he or she will not be able to take part in the practical aspect of the PE lesson. This could have a negative impact on their progress in this subject. Parents will be informed if children do not have kit in school over the course of a week. Children will not be able to borrow kit from another pupil.

Named drawstring bags are recommended for the storage of PE kits during the week.

Key Stage 2 children will have the opportunity to go swimming from time to time. Sensible swimwear and a towel would be required on such occasions.


Wearing of jewellery of any kind is discouraged. Rings, ear-rings and bracelets can be easily damaged or lost, causing distress; they are also a potential cause of accidents. We do not believe that nose studs or other fashion body jewellery have a place at Sale and Davys CE Primary School and strongly request parents to support us in this policy.

In the interests of health and safety we do not allow children to wear ear rings during PE or Design and Technology related activities and we will ask children to remove ear rings prior to the lesson.

If you intend to allow your child to have their ears pierced, we recommend that this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays so they do not miss out on PE and swimming lessons because they need to keep their studs in.


Make-up, including nail polish, should not be worn to school.