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Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Please visit the new page for information about the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and how it could affect the Parish. This can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the website or by the links in this post.


Headteacher Mrs S Briggs BEd (Hons) NPQH

Welcome to the page of Sale & Davys CE Controlled Primary School. Here we trust you will find information concerning our school that may prove useful.

Click to download the Sale & Davys Prospectus

Sale and Davys CE Primary School is committed to developing all of your child’s abilities and interests whether they are academic, spiritual, artistic, sporting, musical, social, and so on. You will see this commitment to fulfilling your child’s full potential and opening doors of interest and opportunity outlined in our vision statement. We believe that children will learn and consolidate their skills if they feel safe, secure and happy. It is of paramount importance that we help to raise the self-esteem and confidence of all children, based firmly on Christian values, so that they believe they can fulfil the challenges which face them now and in the future; both in school and in the wider community.

Our school has up to 105 children on its roll from a very wide area and has successfully retained the welcoming atmosphere of a small village school. Confirmation of this is given by parents’ and pupils’ questionnaire returns along with the numerous comments from visitors to the school. All of our pupils are well known to each member of staff. The school has good links with a number of organisations, such as the local church, nearby secondary schools, businesses and other people who visit the school on an occasional basis. Such links provide us with opportunities to enrich the curriculum we provide. In the prospectus you will find a wide range of information about the school, but there is nothing quite like coming and having a look for yourself to see us in action! To this end, we would like to invite you to contact us and we will be happy to answer your enquiries and arrange a visit.

For more information please call us on 01332 702072.

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Madeline Wilshaw