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Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Please visit the new page for information about the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and how it could affect the Parish. This can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the website or by the links in this post.

Community Issues

The Community Issues Working Group exists to address the needs and problems that people encounter in their everyday lives in the parish. The many comments and questions that were raised by the Parish Plan questionnaire have been distilled to a few main areas;

Social Issues

Community harmony – raising awareness of the needs of people in the outlying districts, and support for people with special requirements

Activities – the introduction of more village social events

Social behaviour – liaison with the police and Neighbourhood Watch over problems with people from outside of the village visiting at weekends


Improving communication processes around the parish –e.g. Broadband, web sites, Parish News etc.

Increase awareness of isolation in the parish

Facilities and help for the vulnerable

Getting about

Transport arrangements – bus services, community bus availability etc.


Shop and Post Office facilities
Healthcare and prescription services

We have already had some success in improving the level of Broadband service in the village, and have increased liaison with the local Police and Community Support Officers.  A contact booklet for newcomers to the parish is underway and a prescription delivery service is now available.

Anyone interested in joining this group should contact Jill Scarfe on 690680.

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