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Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Please visit the new page for information about the Local Development Framework Core Strategy and how it could affect the Parish. This can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the website or by the links in this post.


 Help Wanted on Sunday 24th February!

 The Parish Council is looking for people to join them at their upcoming tree planting event. The Parish has recently received a free Community Tree Pack from the Woodland Trust as part of the charity’s Jubilee Woods Project, which is marking Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by planting 6 million trees across the country.

We applied for a tree pack from the Woodland Trust to enhance the Parish. The trees, all native species, will grow into a young wood in as little as 10 years. Also contained in the pack is a Royal Oak sapling, which has been grown from an acorn, gathered from one of the Royal estates.

 We are organising this event for Sunday 24th February with a reserve date of the 3rd March, and very much hope representatives and their family’s from your group will be able to join us. We are really keen to get everybody in the Parish involved and make this an enjoyable afternoon in the Parish. The Plan is to give each group in the Parish their own location to plant the Trees and they will then be responsible for these Trees that they plant. Anybody is welcome so please tell people you know who might be interested.

 We will be in the Brookfield Car Park between 12 and 1pm so come alsong and  you will be given your Trees and directed to the area that has been chosen for your group to plant them in. If you would be kind enough to bring along a spade or two so you can plant your Trees.

Afterwards everyone is invited back to the Brookfield Club for a get together  with Hot Soup and a Roll for all those who have taken part.

 Please come along and help make a difference in your Parish.


So we can organise the event as efficiently as possible could you please let us know how many people from your group/family or friends will be attending,

We look forward to hearing from you,

Alison Hicklin (Parish Clerk) 01332 700142 or email

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